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Local Anesthetic in Malaysia 

The most commonly used local anesthetic agent in dentistry (at least in Malaysia) is Scandonest 2% , which consist of  2% mepivacaine with 1:100,000 epinephrine injection solution. Besides the active local anesthetic agent , the cartridge also contains :

- Potassium metabisulphite ( The Antioxidant - It is used as a food additive, also known as E224 . The main reason of allergic reaction of patients towards LA is this component . )

- Sodium chloride 

- Hydrochloric acid

- Sodium hydroxide

- Water as a vehicle 

Always make sure your patient has no previous allergic episodes towards LA or/and any other serious cardiovascular , CNS and respiratory disorders before administrating LA. 

Below shows the maximum amount of LA permissable to a patient. 

Note : there is 36mg of Mepivacaine in 1 cartridge of LA , if it's 2% Mepivacaine. 

Maximum LA dose

Below shows the approximate duration of each type of LA : 

Duration of LA

And also the types of needle gauge used in different injections : 

Needles for injections







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