As a dentist, you must be wondering, should I be opening my clinic at night or during the weekends? 

Based on our Analytics reports for the past few years, we might have some insights for you .. 

The information below have been compiled with 95% Malaysian visitors to , searching for Dentists on Search Engines. 

Sundays : Less Searches for Dentists in Malaysia




Mondays : Peak Searches for Dentists in Malaysia




9am - 6pm  : Most Search hits for Dentists in Malaysia 



Bonus  : More female searching online for Dentists in Malaysia




Hope our data above will assist you in your judgement of working hours ..  :)




DISCLAIMER: The reports above are meant only for educational purposes and not legal nor professional advice, Utilisation of These Data Are Solely Your Responsibility . Dentistsnearby (or any of her team members) Would Not Be Held Liable For Any Damages done Physically , Financially , Mentally, Spiritually & Emotionally