7 interesting statistics and facts for the dental field in Malaysia for those who are in the field or are looking to pursue dentistry as your career...

Do take note that these numbers are for the year of 2013...

1) A total of 697 dental graduates joined the workforce. (this is a 3x increase in 5 years!)

2) In which 65% of the graduates are from local institutions.

3) Number of graduating dental students from Local Institutions: (number of students in brackets)
- University Malaya (83)
- Penang International Dental College (73)
- University Sains Malaysia (54)
- AIMST University (52)
- University Kebangsaan Malaysia (51)
- International Islamic University Malaysia (48)
- MAHSA University (38)
- Universiti Tecknologi Mara (23)
- Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (21)
- International Medical University (9) < this number is only those who didn't take up the twinning program.

4) A total of 5,264 "active" dentists are serving the community in 2013.

5) In which, 3,256 public dentists and 1,979 private dentists.

6) There are more female dentists than male dentists. To be exact, there are 30% more female dentists.

7) The MDC (Malaysia Dental Council) quotes: This "feminization" of profession seems to be on the increase.
There has been a 50% growth in number of females compared to males.


Source: MDC (Malaysian Dental Council) Website , Jan-June 2014 Bulletin