has always strive to serve the coomunity better by providing a platform in which Malaysians can conveniently search for a dental practice online.

Instead of only listing major dental groups in Malaysia, the team has decided to list every-single private dental practice regardless of the practices' size or location. Our aim one day is to verify 100% of Malaysia's dental clinics for the public's benefit. This directory is also openly accessible to everyone and dental clinics are either listed for free or "featured" with a small fee to subsidize the on-going cost of this project. 

Here's the link to the "updated guidelines & provisions for public information" from the Malaysian Dental Council. ] 

Do refer to point 3.15 / 3.5 for more information regarding placement of your clinic's information on Dentistsnearby. 
Main points to take note: 

3.5 Directories and Yellow Pages
The maximum size shall not exceed one page. Logos and photographs are permitted. 


 3.13 Internet
Dental practitioners are allowed to set up websites, social media and mobile apps to inform the public about their practices.
a) Website Contents - the same information as for 'Professional Business Cards, Letterheads and Notices may be included:
i) Name of the dental practitioner(s)
ii) Registrable professional qualification(s)
iii) Honorary title(s)
iv) Practice address(es) - map and illustration may
be included.
v) Home address
vi) Consultationhours
vii) Telephone / fax numbers
viii) E-mail and other social media address(es)
ix) Web page address(es)
x) Logo – must comply with these guidelines
(Appendix 2)
xi) Photograph of the dental practitioner
xii) List of services provided
All images used must be credited.
b) Social Media - 'social media' describes the online and mobile tools that are used to share opinions, information, experiences, images, and video or audio clips, and includes websites and applications used for social networking. Common sources of social media include, Facebook and LinkedIn, blogs (personal and professional) and microblogs such as Twitter, content-sharing websites such as YouTube and Instagram, and discussion forums and message boards to cite a few.
In using social media, dental practitioners should be aware of their obligations under the Dental Act, the Code of Professional Conduct, relevant guidelines and other relevant legislations, such as the Private Healthcare Facilities and Services Act 1998, as well as this guideline.


 3.10 Third Party Involvement

a) A dental practitioner may enter into an agreement with individuals and/or organisations to inform the public of their services, provided that the agreement does not permit or compel unethical conduct. In the undertaking of such contracts, the dental practitioner is required to deal fairly with the public and his fellow dental practitioners.

b) Dental practitioners are advised to be discerning when dealing with third parties who provide dental care programmes and they must ensure that:
i) there is no canvassing;
ii) there is no fee splitting; and
iii) these programmes are open to participation by
all dental practitioners.

c)It is unethical for a dental practitioner to contract his services under conditions that make it difficult to render services to his patients in a timely and reasonable manner.


That being said, the team behind Dentistsnearby is always alert about updates and guidelines released by the MDC and/or MDA. 
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