The Malaysian Smile Action Team Association is a registered NGO comprised of dental professionals and volunteers dedicated in organizing dental outreach programmes and missions to the less fortunate in Malaysia and overseas. We believe that dental healthcare is a necessity and should be accessible to all and is reflected in our motto "We Care, We Serve, We Channel".
The Smile Action Team was featured in TV3's reality TV programme "Sejuta Impian" sponsored by Dana Belia 1Malaysia and Telekom Malaysia Bhd. By convincing the judges of the noble philosophy of the project, the team was given RM18,000 to fund future project and also a further RM2,000 to register as an official non-governmental organisation.
Through the Smile Action Projects and local activities for underrepresented people, such as the poor elderly, as well as refugees in Malaysia, the Smile Action Team has reached out to more than 5,000 people to date, with funds for materials and medication up to RM200,000. Our biggest challenge to date is securing sufficient funding to sustain our projects. We hope to secure greater financial support and items sponsorship from the caring public.

Smile Action Projects

Since 2009, Smile Action Team has conducted dental missions, known as Smile Action Project, in Cambodia, a historical country which was the bed of civilisation. The remarkable history of the Khmer has been written over by colonisation and occupation. Since its independence from the French in 1953, the numerous wars and natural disasters has left the country devastated and lacking in basic infrastructure.
The Smile Action Projects in Cambodia have benefitted more than 4,000 people, most of which are orphans and elderly. The beneficiaries do not only receive dental treatment, but were also given oral hygiene education, screening and products.

Future Projects

Smile Action Team hopes to expand our outreach to underrepresented people in Malaysia. We are planning to give oral hygiene education and screening to 500 children and adolescents in refugee centres. We also hope to be able to expand our dental missions to Nepal and bring perfect smiles for the children there.


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