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Teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening

Dental bleaching, also known as tooth whitening, is a common procedure in general dentistry. According to the FDA, whitening restores natural tooth color and bleaching whitens beyond the natural color. There are many methods available, such as brushing, bleaching strips, bleaching pen, bleaching gel, and laser bleaching.

Bleaching methods use carbamide peroxide which reacts with water to form hydrogen peroxide. Carbamide peroxide has about a third of the strength of hydrogen peroxide. This means that a 15% solution of carbamide peroxide is the rough equivalent of a 5% solution of hydrogen peroxide. The peroxide oxidizing agent penetrates the porosities in the rod-like crystal structure of enamel and breaks down stain deposits in the dentin. Power bleaching uses light energy to accelerate the process of bleaching in a dental office. A new bleaching agent is 6-phthalimido peroxy hexanoic acid (PAP).


Below are the clinics which provides this service: 

Klinik Pergigian City
32T Dental Clinic
Dr Alex Lo Palm Square Dental Centre
Dr. Alex Lo Dental Centre
Chai Dental Specialist & Implant Centre (Bangsar)
Victoria Yong's Dental Clinic
Klinik Pergigan Alya
Klinik Pergigian Chin (Ipoh, Perak)
MODA Dental Specialists
Orthodontic Procare Specialist Dental Clinic
Bala Dental Clinic (Bangsar)
Genting Dental Surgery
Segambut Dental Clinic
Klinik Pergigian Jamaliah (Klang, Selangor)
Klinik Pergigian Tan (Klang)
Tai Dental Surgery
Eng Dental Surgery (Pulau Tikus)
Klinik Pergigian Bakti @ Keningau
Wong Cheng Min Dental Clinic
Hu & Associates Dental Surgery



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