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My experience with Dr ong Teng Kai
Elyas Ibrahim  · 1 years ago
5 star
I underwent molar root canal treatment under Dr Ong Teng Kai. My experience with Dr Ong was nothing short of a thoroughly pleasing treatment , ceasing off completely my fear of visiting a dentist after a bad experience in my past. His professionalism,manners alongside with his gentleness and patience made the whole procedure relatively pain free. Dr Ong's performance during the procedure is not the only thing I find impressive.His approach before the procedure was equally impressive. Before beginning the procedure, he clearly highlights the patient's case and makes fair assessment, detailing the possible treatment and the prognosis of each possible treatment. Upon the completion of the procedure , he even taken the effort to ask his assistant to call me and inquire my condition. Overall, Dr Ong Teng Kai is an excellent dentist; someone I describe as professional, patient, intelligent, and genuinely cares for his patient.A good human being indeed. I am absolutely pleased with him and find every penny spent worth it.
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