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Bea Goh  · 2 years ago
The dentist are fine. The only thing I was really unhappy and disappointed about is their time keeping and managing the appointments.

Both times, I had appointments made. The first time, I was made to wait despite having an appointment and being early. I later found out that walk ins were cutting my queue and  the original dentist I was with in fact thought thought the appointment was cancelled as no one inform her. And I did specify earlier that I have no preferred dentist to see. I waited till no one was left waiting at the waiting area despite multiple checks with the registration counter. Finally they assigned me to another dentist after 45 mins passed my appointment time.

Second time,I was earlier by half and hour of my appointment time. And I had to wait around and hour! You can imagine how pissed off I was and I begin to wonder what's the point of me having an appointment. 

We shall see whether 3rd time is the charm as I have scheduled another appointment.
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