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Klinik Pergigian Joon (Taipan, Subang Jaya)
beh huey ching  · 3 years ago
I loved how the dentist is really friendly and answers whatever questions you have.
Yes, dentists are scary especially when I have to have a minor surgery because my wisdom teeth has to be extracted. Wonder why they are called wisdom tooth when we have to suffer excruciating pain to extract them ! Why can't we have teeth like the sharks where they have rows of rows of new teeth in the event they need new ones.

Oh well. I was dreading the surgery because I needed to fly off in few weeks to the UK for a year.:shock: I did it pretty last minute.
I told the dentist and she was really good at calming me down, explaining all the procedures to me and what to expect. Gone are my dentist nightmares!! I mean when we were young, we have that perception that dentists are evil or any pictures or cartoons associated with pain comes to our minds. Now, with Joon, I have no fear going back to her as her treatments, attentive care and friendly appeal just changed my perception. I would definitely go back to visiting this dentist. Ops, speaking of which, I better visit her soon (as reminded by my dentist friend!) :D

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