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Klinik Pergigian Lee
Sharon Tay  · 3 years ago
I would recommend this clinic as it is not only in my neighbourhood, but also the dentist, Dr Lee Shang Yi is friendly and patient.

I have visited numerous dentist around Ipoh, but usually for scaling as my teeth till now is doing fine (Thank God !). I usually ask a lot of questions but some doctors just brush my questions aside and i guess it must be pretty annoying why this patient ask so many questions when she only does scaling.

Well, Dr Lee, to me, is very patient in answering my questions especially on how to manage my tartar as my teeth is prone to tartar. He takes his time to do the scaling an does not rush through it, allowing me time to rinse my mouth as scaling can cause gums to bleed and maybe sometimes pain.
Some dentist will not let me rinse my mouth, just tell me to wait, it is a very simple and fast procedure.

Thus, I am glad i found Dr lee. Also, before scaling, he takes photo of my teeth, explaining about the condition of my teeth. I find technology is great - with just a simple click, i can see how actually my teeth looks like before and after scaling.

Overall i am satisfied with my scaling results as my teeth will be sparkling clean that will last me 6 months until my next visit :) 
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