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BP Specialist Centre (Glenmarie, Shah Alam)
Wanie Rohim  · 3 years ago
 Do you recommend this clinic ? 
Yes i will recommend this clinic As its easy to make an appointment and also they have the best technology

Which dentist did you see? 
Dr Davina Kaur

What treatment was provided to you by this clinic?
Filling (temporary) and scalling as i was 7month pregnant. 

Are you satisfied with the results ?
Yes I did. Dr Davina did a good job and also explained to me why she cant do much as i was on my last trimester. She did the best she could and she even followed up on my case.

How are the facilities?
The facilities are tip top. For the first time i went to the dentist and they took a picture of my own teeth. And Dr Davina show me the picture of before during and after treatment.
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