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Drs. Wong & Partners Dental Clinic (Cyberjaya) (A member of Smile Link Group of Companies)
Ali  · 2 years ago
Today I went to Drs. Wong & Partners Dental Clinic without any appointment. The reception was friendly but poor English
skills which is not a big concern for me by the way the reason behind my
unexpected visit was the incident I had last night :( broken tooth.

After filling up usual forms I was asked to wait or if its possible to visit
some other time but as my condition was quiet severe I have asked to be
attended today so I waited for some time and after about 10 minutes the
nurse called me which amazed me :) because I was expecting to wait for a long time.

The operating room was clean the tools were new as this clinic just opened,
The best part was the Doc she is young formal and a professional by all
means, She walked me through all the steps and provided me with the
options which I decided to do an X ray and make sure the cavity didn't
reach the roots and nerve after that I decided to go with the filling as
it was the best option and suggested by Doc. The process was smooth I didn't feel a thing .
the result was better than I expected. Specially  Dr  Wong was amazing with walking me through everything before actually doing it .

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