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Testimonial for :Klinik Pergigian Lau (Taman Connaught, Kuala Lumpur)
Amy Tan Aun kee  · 2 years ago
Dr. Lau is an excellent dentist. I have been patronizing her clinic almost every month since September last year for orthodontic treatment. She is exceptionally experienced and friendly. Dentist trips used to scare the living daylights out of me in the past but ever since I started treatments at Dr. Lau's clinic, I no longer feel any fear in her gentle and able hands. 

Her clinic is cosy and welcoming. She makes me feel comfortable and I trust her expertise. The moment I walk into her room, she puts me at ease. She is quick to identify any problems I may have and patient in explaining procedures to me. In explaining, she indirectly educates me so that I am aware of what goes on, as well as am able to be directly involved in what happens regarding my dental treatment. Being kept abreast on things helps me understand and relax even more, understandably since knowledge is power, hence clearing any doubts I may have. 

She is also very gentle and skillful with her hands. For example, she shows dexterity when attaching and removing my braces as well as other dental procedures. She is very professional. I don't even feel any pain during the treatment. Her clinic is also very clean and equipped with the latest technology, thereby enabling her to employ the latest dental technics . The dental chair which patients sit in faces the open window, providing a beautiful and relaxing scenery of the clear blue skies and serene green trees, making you feel even more relaxed, instead of facing bare walls.

Even when I wait outside for my appointment. I don't feel petrified from the machine noises as most people often do, because I know I am in good hands. It is soothing just to sit in the waiting room perusing the stack of informational and entertaining magazines available in the sitting area.

If you desire a set of straight, perfect pearly white teeth, under the hands of a skillful and knowledgeable dentist, then Dr. Lau is the one to go to. Therefore, I highly recommend Dr. Lau to anyone seeking dental treatment for a pleasant, painless experience.:up: 

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