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Address & Tel.

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No.11, 1st Floor , Jalan SS 2/75 , 47300 , Petaling Jaya , Selangor , Malaysia .
03 7876 6812
03 7874 0743

Dental Info

Dental Info:

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Attending Doctors:

Dr. Tan Ai Hooi - BDS(Malaya)

Consultation hours

Weekdays: 9am to 5pm (Except Thursday)

Saturdays: 9am to 5pm

Thursdays and Sundays: Closed

Note: Dr Tan also opens during LUNCH HOURS! 

This clinic accepts patients by : Walk-in or by appointment

This clinic provides up-to-date dentistry, extractions, fillings, root canal treatments, treatment of bad breath (Halitosis), bleeding gums, removal of wisdom tooth, good dentures, artistic crowns, veneers and orthodontic treatments for children and adults.

Treatment available. :=
1. Gum Disease
Bleeding gums
Swollen gums
Bad breath

2. Orthodontic treatment

Removal braces
Effective, simple and avoids extraction
Gives you a beautiful face and smile.

DNA braces

2. Fixed braces.

Get a Beautiful Smile in just a few hours! 

Get "Straight Teeth: in just a few hours! 




Treatment Provided* : [ Filling (Composites , GICs , Temporary Fillings) , Scaling & Polishing , Porcelain/Steel/Zirconia Crown&Bridge , Braces ( General cases of orthodontics ) , Dental Implant* ( Implantology ) , Cosmetic/Aesthetic Dentistry, Denture/PartialDenture , Periodontics , Prosthodontics , Orthodontic , Endodontic (Root Canal Treatment " RCT ") , Minor Oral Surgery ( MOS ) , Teeth Whitening , Veneer / veneers , Management of Periodontitis ( Deep Scaling ) , Retainers , Extractions , ( Bruxism ) Mouth guards , Pediatric Dentistry ( Children's Dentistry ) , Routine Check-up , Etc ]


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Stanley  · 1 years ago
How do i get more information on the available treatments?
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orhodontic service
peishan  · 1 years ago
I would like to know how much was the first time came to do braces minimum how much do we pay? Please message me the prices thank you very much.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
Adam  · 3 years ago
Dr. Tan is very gentle and skilled. Highly recommend for anyone looking for dentist in ss2 area especially.. its just next to the mitsubishi showroom.:)
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