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Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah Bandar Indera Mahkota, 25200 Kuantan
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All types of perfect praise belong to Allah alone the lord of all the worlds, Most gracious. And Allah'spraying upon his prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.


The Kulliyyah of Dentisitry is located in IIUM Kuantan campus in Bandar Indera Mahkota, about 5 km from the Kuantan town centre. Kulliyyah of Dentistry is a part of an elite university, as it is the most international university in Malaysia by student composition, with student's intake from more than 95 different countries from around the world. The other unique aspect of IIUM is the high inspiration by the concept of Islamicization of human knowledge and the idea of Tawheed. The use of English as the medium of communication is done to facilitate our status as an international learning institution, admitting Malaysians as well as non-Malaysians.

Since January 2012 we started to use the new complex of Kulliyyah of Dentistry with state-of-art polyclinic, laboratory facilities and teaching aids, all of this will make a high standard of dental education in Malaysia. The facilities in KOD is one of the most contemporaryin the world, a fact that we should all be proud of as for once, a Malaysian dental school is in pole position. It is also imperative that the quality of education and students are aligned in the same concept.

Kulliyyah of Dentistry well balanced program that includes character and leadership building, scientific knowledge, critical thinking, and clinical skills training with early clinical exposure; will produce highly trained world-class dental surgeons with clinicalskills and biologic orientation in dental treatment, our graduate is adentist concerned with the repair of the current dental problems and capable of prevention of oral diseases and maintenance of oral health thorough scientific background as well as knowledge. In addition to that, they must be able to self-learning throughout their professional life, and they must also be of the highest moral character

Inculcation of Islamic values in our students guarantee graduates with the culture of respect, caring attitude, unity and loyalty, regardless of race, religion or belief of the patient. All of that will greatly enhance patient's appearance, self-esteem and confidence.

The available sport facilities in IIUM Kuantan campus are of high standard, studentsand IIUM Community are provided the opportunity to experience sports activities related to their needs.

Thanks and gratitude is also due to the wonderful KOD team that make all of this come true by the continuous and constant support. By Allah,s blessing we are becoming one of the leading institutes in Malaysia and the world inshaAllah.




The five year dental programme in Kulliyyah of Dentistry is divided into 2 phases. Phase I consist of the first two years of the pre-clinical training. It is encompasses the teaching of the relevant Basic Medical Sciences and foundation dental skills. The aim is to acquire the scientific knowledge and psychomotor skill necessary for future clinical training. Phase II which covers Year 3,4 and 5 deals with the developement of clinical skills in the various disciplines of dentistry.

Phase I
Phase I consist of 4 blocks in year 1 and 4 blocks in year 2

Professional examinations
There will be two Professional examinations, at the end of Year 1 and Year 2. During each block there will be continuous assessment such as tests, laboratory projects, tutorials, presentations and assignments.
Students are required to complete the Operative Techniques projects before their 2nd professional examination.
The assessment for 1st and 2nd Professional examination consist of :
♦ Continuous assessment : 30%
♦ Professional exam : 70%
♦ Viva voce (for distinction and borderline)

4. Students who fail in the 1st and 2nd Professional exams will be given a re-examination within 1-2 month
after the date of the professional exmas. Students who fail the Professional re-examination will be
required to repeat the year.

5. The maximum time permitted for a student to complete Phase 1 of the dental programme is 3 years.
Students are allowed to repeat only once in Phase 1

Phase II
Phase II is made up of three clinical years. There are 4 blocks in a year. There will be continuous daily clinical assessment and also a requirement to fulfill the clinical schedule in every clinical discipline. At the end of Block 4 there will be a Professional examination consisting of written and clinical examination. The marks for the Professional examination consist of :

♦ Continuous assessment : 30%
♦ Clinical examination : 30%
♦ Written examination : 40%

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