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12-1, Jalan Telawi Dua, Bangsar Baru , 59100 Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia.
03 2282 7723
03 2284 1552

Dental Info

Dental Info:

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Attending Doctors:

Dr. Sharon Lee - BDS(Adel) , MDSc (Melb) , Prosthodontist

Consultation hours

Weekdays: 8.30am to 3pm (Closed on Wednesdays) 

Weekends: Closed

This clinic accepts patients by : Walk-in or by appointment

Treatments provided*:Dentures - Partial dentures , full/Complete dentures , Flexible dentures , Cobalt-Chromium dentures , stress-breaking dentures with precision attachments , Inlays & Onlays , Dental Implants , Mini Dental Implants , Full mouth rehabilitations/reconstruction , Fixed prosthodontics "Crowns & Bridges" - Full metal crowns , Full porcelain crowns , Porcelain-fused metal Crowns , Zirconia Crowns , Alumina crowns , Crown-lengthening surgeries , Gingivectomy , Gingivoplasty , Aesthetics/Cosmetic dentistry , Composite/Porcelain veneers , Laminates , , Reconstructive dentistry , treatment for bruxism(Night Grinding) .Along with all the treatments provided by the general dentistry practitioners

* Please do call up before hand to confirm about treatments available to avoid disappointments .

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Full mouth rehab
Datin Yasmin Merican  · 4 months ago
I would like to consult Dr. Sharon on a full mouth rehab/reconstruction. Thank you.
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