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No.15, Jalan S2 B18, Biz Avenue Seremban 2, 70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
06 601 7172

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Dental Info:

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Dr. Ferhat Deba Ahmad - BDS(Malaya)

Treatment provided*: Braces , Fixed Orthodontic treatments , Partial orthodontic treatment , removable applicance ( aligners ,removable space maintainers ,jaw repositioning appliances ,lip and cheek bumpers ,palatal expanders ,removable retainers ,headgear )  , functional appliance , fixed appliance ( braces , special fixed appliances ,fixed space maintainers )  , retainers ( Removable or fixed ) , quadhelix , lower lingual arch , treatment of ( crossbite , crowding , openbite , overbite , underbite , spacing , misplaced midline  ) , Along with all the treatments provided by the general dentistry practitioners . 

* Please do call up before hand to confirm about treatments available to avoid disappointments .

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chaaminy balakrishna  · 2 months ago
Hi I'm 26 years old girl and having disorganized teeth. Planned to wear when I was young but unable to do it. Now I'm planning on wearing it. The problem is my gums are too soft and sensitive. I just wonder can we make an appointment so that you can check my teeth and advice me on wearing the braces. Really appreciate it. Thank you so much. (Sorry couldnt provide the phone number)
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Operation hour ramadhan
Ann  · 2 months ago
Hi dr,
Can i have an appointment for treatment this ramadhan?
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gigi atas ke belakang
LISA  · 2 months ago
hi doctor,

anak saya umur 12 tahun

tapi gigi atasnya tumbuh ke belakang semua, menyebabkan mukanya jadi melengkung.

doctor boleh ikat gigi???

agar ke depan
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I want to ask the prices of removable applicance
Ng. Hui Lin   · 1 years ago
I am interested in removable applicance
I want to ask about the prices of removable appliances. pls reply me.THANKS 

Selamat Hari Raya ~~
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