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Ground Floor, PG1-13A, Jaya 33, Section 13, Jalan Semangat, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
03 7957 4320 , 03 7957 5611
03 7958 6500

Dental Info

Dental Info:

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" Dedicated to Excellence in Dentistry "

Established in 1977, Jaya Dental consists of a group of very experienced dentists. Conveniently located on the ground floor of Jaya 33, Jalan Semangat, Section 13 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Our clinic's facilities are modern, and our premises has a restful ambience in the reception lounge.


Doctors : Dr Yap Chee Wee , Dr. Eileen Koh Mei Yen , Dr. Low Siew Choong , Dr. Chia Kok Ann , Dr. Robert E. H. Tan





Treatment Provided* : [ Filling (Composites , GICs , Temporary Fillings) , Scaling & Polishing , Porcelain/Steel/Zirconia Crown&Bridge , Braces ( General cases of orthodontics ) , Dental Implant* ( Implantology ) , Cosmetic/Aesthetic Dentistry, Denture/PartialDenture , Periodontics , Prosthodontics , Orthodontic , Endodontic (Root Canal Treatment " RCT ") , Minor Oral Surgery ( MOS ) , Teeth Whitening , Veneer / veneers , Management of Periodontitis ( Deep Scaling ) , Retainers , Extractions , ( Bruxism ) Mouth guards , Pediatric Dentistry ( Children's Dentistry ) , Routine Check-up , Etc ]

*Please call in advance to make sure the treatment is available to avoid disappointment

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Jaya Dental Surgery
Jonathan  · 3 years ago
Dr .Yap Chee Wee is one of the most experience and talented dentist that i've ever met. His expertise was way beyond awesome . He is so passionate and dedicated in practicing dentistry over the past 30 years . During the treatment Dr. yap really puts his 110% of concentration and effort to fulfill his best service and skills for  me . 

Dr.Yap is highly  recommended for oral cosmetic , due to his gentle and affable pair of hands will sure impress you !

This clearly indicate that Dr.yap is the best and preferred dentist for me ! 

 Jonathan attached 3 photos.

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Jaya Dental Surgery
Dr W. A. Abdullah  · 3 years ago
Eg: Do you recommend this clinic ?
Which dentist did you see?
What treatment was provided to you by this clinic?
Are you satisfied with the results ?
How are the facilities?
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
Jaya Dental Surgery (Petaling Jaya, Selangor)
Khairul Azhar Fazli  · 3 years ago
Best dentistry service in town!

I would highly recommend Jaya Dental for all of your dental needs.
My teeth arrangement was absolutely messed up when I first came to the clinic. Dr. Yap, has consulted and suggested me to get braces my on. As far as I'm concerned, Dr. Yap is famous especially among my family members as he is known for his soft and amiable attitude. All that I can say now that I'm very satisfied with the result so far! I've just got back from an appointment with Dr. Yap today and got my front two teeth bonded! It looks awesome now :-)Source: 
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