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Address & Tel.

25, 1st Floor, Theatre Street, Bidor, Perak, Malaysia
012 458 5397

Dental Info

Dental Info:

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Attending Doctors:

Dr. John Vincent A/L J. Anthony Samy - BDS (University Of Madras, Chennai) 1974 

Consultation hours

Mondays - Fridays : 10am to 5pm

Sundays , Public Holidays : Closed

This clinic accepts patients by : Walk-in or by appointment

Treatment Provided* : [ Filling (Composites , GICs , Temporary Fillings) , Scaling & Polishing , Porcelain/Steel/Zirconia Crown&Bridge , Braces ( General cases of orthodontics ) , Dental Implant* ( Implantology ) , Cosmetic/Aesthetic Dentistry, Denture/PartialDenture , Periodontics , Prosthodontics , Orthodontic , Endodontic (Root Canal Treatment " RCT ") , Minor Oral Surgery ( MOS ) , Teeth Whitening , Veneer / veneers , Management of Periodontitis ( Deep Scaling ) , Retainers , Extractions , ( Bruxism ) Mouth guards , Pediatric Dentistry ( Children's Dentistry ) , Routine Check-up , Etc ]

*Please call in advance to make sure the treatment is available to avoid disappointment

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Jason  · 4 months ago
Klinik gigi paling kotor di semenanjung Perak Ipoh. Dentist tak pakai sarung tangan. 
Dentist janji 1 minggu gigi palsu siap,tunggu hingga 2 minggu. 
Dentist janji 1 minggu gigi crown siap, tunggu 1 minggu tak siap. 
1st Appointment 11am,dentist datang 11.45am.
2nd appointment 10am,dentist datang 10.45am.
Jarum injection tak tukar baru,selepas patient lain yang sudah guna.
Cawan untuk cuci mulut tak tukar,selepas patient lain. Pakai balik cawan yang telah orang lain guna.

Klinik Gigi Vincent di Bidor Perak
Dentist yang dah tua dan pencen 
tangan dah goyang2 dan mata dah rabun
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