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Systema Malaysia

SYSTEMA is developed by Lion Corporation Japan – a leading oral care company in Japan with over 120 years of oral care experience. Systema is not only the No.1 slim tip toothbrush brand in Malaysia but also the No.1 toothbrush brand in Japan!
Systema 0.02mm bristles tip is 1/20 the size of ordinary bristle tip that is flexible enough to penetrate deeper along hard to reach areas such as gum lines and in between teeth, flicking away plaque without hurting the gums. Also, Systema toothbrush is clinically proven cleans 9 times better than ordinary toothbrushes.


Systema 0.02mm bristles is made from non-animal origin and patented by Lion Corporation Japan. Furthermore, Systema's bristles are very gentle to gums whilst reducing brushing pressure by 66% thus making your brushing experience comfortable and effective.


Systema Toothbrushes - There is one for you!

Systema Spiral (NEW)

According to Malaysian Dental Association, two out of three people apply too much pressure when brushing as they feel that brushing hard cleans better.

Brushing vigorously can wear down the teeth enamel as well as damage the delicate gums, exposing the sensitive root area. Receding gums can also lead to other dental problem such as periodontal disease and cavities on the roots of the teeth.



Introducing the newly launched – SYSTEMA SPIRAL toothbrush! With its uniquely designed 0.02mm bristles – spirally twisted with 2 colored hexagon shaped filaments to effectively clean deep gum pockets where plaque hides.

In fact, Systema Spiral removes 40% more plaque than other regular toothbrushes without brushing hard!


Watch our new Systema
 TVC. Watch it, you will believe it!



Systema Sensitive

The Problem: Sensitive Teeth?  The Solution : Systema SENSITIVE 0.02mm!


If you suffering from discomfort or sharp pain when enjoying hot or cold drinks, sweet or sour foods, you may suffer from sensitive teeth, which dental professionals call – dental hypersensitivity. Almost 1 out of 3 people suffer from sensitive teeth and most of them in the age group of 25 to 45 years old, older age group and even pregnant ladies.

During pregnancy, the altered level of hormones (progesterone and oestrogen) around your body increases 10 – 30 times and causes gums soften and bleed; leaving you more susceptible to gum disease, tooth sensitivity and other tooth problems.

In Malaysia, more than 60%* of antenatal mothers suffer from sensitive teeth. Tooth sensitivity during pregnancy is a symptom of pregnancy gingivitis and exaggerates the response of the gum tissues to plaque bacterial toxins, resulting in red, swollen and bleeding gums. Even after giving birth, most of the new mothers still suffer from tooth sensitivity and gum diseases due to hormonal changes during pregnancy. * Malaysian Dental Association


What Causes Sensitive Teeth?
Sensitive teeth occur when the tooth surface (enamel) is lost or when gums begin to recede, exposing the inner layer of the tooth (dentin), made up of thousands of microscopic hollow tubes called dentinal tubules. And when the fluid in the dentin is stimulated it affects the nerves, causing sharp pain.

Factors may lead to sensitive teeth:

• Brushing too hard – wears out the enamel
• Hard bristled toothbrush or abrasive toothpaste – damages the enamel
• Eating acidic food or constant chewing on hard object/food – wears away the enamel
• Gum recession caused by gum problems
• Plaque build-up – the presence of plaque on the root surfaces can cause sensitivity
• Tooth sensitivity during pregnancy




 With Ultra Soft Convex Turfing Bristles, it massages the gums to help control the brushing pressure. Compare with ordinary round end toothbrush, it can reduce brushing pressure by 66% thus making your brushing experience comfortable & sensitive.

Systema Sensitive 0.02mm VS Ordinary Hard Bristles





Systema Sensitive 0.02mm VS Ordinary Hard Bristles







Systema Compact

Compact-systema-toothbrush-dentistsnearby COMPACT

• One of the smallest head size to reach and clean every part of your exposed teeth easily

• Fully rubberized handle for better grip

• Suitable to kids and those who want best clean



Systema Comfort



• Regular head size for a comfortable and distinctive clean

• Suitable for all




Systema Full Head

Fullhead-systema-toothbrush-dentistsnearbyFULL HEAD

• Larger head size for a wider reach

• Suitable for males and those with big jaws 






Systema Bi-Level

Bilevel-systema-toothbrush-dentistsnearbyBI LEVEL

• Regular head size with bi-level bristles for a superb inter-dental, gum line and surface teeth clean

• Thumb grip for superb control

• Suitable for 20 – 35 years old






Get your own Systema Tootbrush from any Hypermarkets & Leading Pharmacies today!

Systema's Real Users, Real Testimonials

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Steven-pheng-systemaSteven Pheng 

Because the toothbrush was designed with super-tapered soft & slim bristles which can clean our teeth effectively and it feel so comfort during teeth brushing



Loh Sie Mia

Its 0.02mm bristle tip enabling it to penetrate deeper along gum lines and in between teeth. Set my teeth free from debris of foods.



Catherine BeeTan

These are the right size, the right level of firmness, and a reasonable price. Systema toothbrush feels like home.



Notty Ow

I like the shape of the brush as well, it fits in my hand well. It reaches all my hard to reach spots in mouth 



Betty Liew

Systema toothbrush clean deeply the surface stains effectively with 0.02mm spiral bristles. I love Systema Toothbrush.



Rex Liang

Systema toothbrush is better for my sensitive teeth and made my teeth more clean and healthy as the brush is made from 0.02mm bristle tip.



Chee Woon Khen

Great product that help me with my oral care. Now I have healthy gum and healthy teeth for greater smile.


Loo Ley Peng

with its sophisticated specification, make my teeth clean and have a fresh breath.


Poppy Barbie

Systema toothbrush are so tiny and well designed that not even a tiny food residual could hide in between my teeth. Cool!


Nicky B Soo

Keeping my oral hygienic level to the max all the time, Systema tooth brush never disappoint me!


Cheng Shi Hui

it helps me to keep my oral hygiene extremely well. I am very confidence to communicate with my client closely as my breath is fresh.


Susan Ng

 A perfect Systema toothbrush give me perfect smile that more than thousand words,touch others heart deeply.


Zach Tan

I love Systema toothbrush because its 0.02mm bristle tip which is 1/20 the size of ordinary bristles enabling it to penetrate deeper along gum lines.


Anthony Lee



TK Ann

it so soft and gentle to my teeth, no more bleeding gum! 


Will Ung

I love Systema toothbrush because of the extra cleaning action of the 0.02mm bristles, the gentle bristles leave my mouth clean without hurting my gum


Lye Yan Huey

whiter teeth, healthier gum, greatest smile! 


Cassandra Chen

Soft and tenderize bristle make me feel so comfortable and enjoy my teeth brushing every morning. With "Systema" I can smile brightly everyday with confidence.


Chin Say Khiun

I love Systema toothbrush because it can easily penetrate into deep spaces between teeth and gums and attain more effective cleaning along the gum line.


Soo Wei Siong

its 0.02mm reaches hard to reach area and clean like a charm, brushing will never be the same again. 


Lee Guat Thin

I love Systema toothbrush because the 0.02mm bristle can get in between my teeth to clean all that is hidden including in the gum.



Yeap Thye Beng

because its cheap, and a good toothbrush , good quality, comfortable to me


Siti Khadijah Abdullah

tHis toothbrush is probably the best i have ever used 


Su Hsiao Han

Ever since I use Systema, there is no more gum bleeding, it is cleaner and fresher!


Lim Whye Kit Leonard

it's 0.02mm bristle cleans between my tooth and cleanse my soul every morning and before bed....


Alicia Yeoh

It's small and compact but can pack a punch leaving nothing that can hurt my teeth. Work hard yet comfortably soft; it's everything to love. 


Terence Twc

it helps to clean to the edge of my teeth and the scary bleeding gum problem never appear again! 




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