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Different Types Of Partial Dentures

Allthings dentistry asked Dr. Dray to talk about his ideas on cast partials vs flexible partial dentures. Dr. Dray has almost 1/2 a century of prosthodontics under his belt and it's interesting to see his shift in philosophy.

#DentalSwag - Dental Parody Song

The latest installment of an epic line of Dental Parodies. Premiered during the 2013 Dental Night & AGM. *If ur a dental student, understand the lyrics, its one of the most informative song they've created.Follow them on Youtube - Dental Bromance

Beauty & The Bur [Dental Parody]

We stumbled upon an interesting channel on Youtube aptly named "Dental Bromance" and found some utterly interesting videos and this is one of them, a parody based on "beauty & the beat" by Justin Bieber. Follow them here:

GIGI BONGSU (Wisdom Tooth)

GIGI BONGSU (Wisdom Tooth)

Anda Mungkin Tidak Tahu Ini Tentang GIGI BONGSU (Wisdom Tooth) Portal Pergigian Malaysia -

Posted by on Thursday, June 2, 2016

Video InI Memperkenalkan Tentang Gigi Bongsu (Wisdom Tooth), Punca-Punca-nya & juga Rawatan-nya - Portal Pergigian Malaysia

Back To Basics: How To Brush Your Teeth

Although a basic thing to do, many patients tends to ignore the fact "Prevention is always better than cure" this video shows in detail how to brush your teeth and take care of your gums too.

Dental Crowns & Bridges : Explained!


This video briefly explains about the differences between crowns & bridges from various informative video collections. It is meant for Patient Education too..



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