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Various materials which might be useful to you to sharpen your clinical acumen.

XDENT® Dental Information System [Sponsored]
The Role of Implant Dentistry in Orthodontics - Dr. Kamsiah
[Clinic's Poster] Patient Grievance Mechanism
[Exclusive] Interview with Mr.Miles McGann, CEO of Progressive Orthodontics
[For the Fresh Dental Graduates] The SPA interview for government service commencement as dental officers
Malaysia's CPD Guidelines Booklet
[Lecture Video] What is new in Tooth Extraction? By Dr. M. Jasim
[Article] The Safety of Amalgam Restorations in Malaysia
[Notice] Malaysia Dental Association Reinstated!
[Article] Online Presence for Dental Practices in Malaysia
[Research Paper] Location of mental foramen among Malaysia populations: Retrospective study by using orthopantomogram
[Research Paper] The importance of the mental foramen location detection by using different radiographic technique: Mini review
[Research Paper] What is the effect of initial implant position on the crestal bone level in flap and flapless technique during healing period?
[Research Paper] Inter mental Foramina Distance Significant and variation among races
The Criteria of Implant Design in Dental Implantology. [Slides] - Dr. M. Jasim
[Research Paper] Mental Foramen Location and its implication in dental treatment plan
Modified Dental Anxiety Survey
Malaysia's Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Credit Points reference
Local Anesthetic in Dentistry
Centric Jaw relations [ Prosthodontics ]
Early childhood caries [ Pediatric ]
Bone grafts in periodontal therapy [ Periodontology ]
Commonly used drugs in Dentistry [ General Dentistry ]
Tramatic injuries to the teeth [ Pediatric dentistry ]
Space maintainers [ Pediatric Dentistry ]


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