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Very disappointed
Lo Fu MIng  · 5 months ago
My request for dental to do filling. Request if can get it in night. Can no be as they only open till 7:30pm. From 05-14 May appointment is full & Dr Alex Lo will be outstation after that till 21st May my time will be 11:30. On 18th May Nurse from Alex Lo called to cancel as the Dr is away again (this time no reason). She want to know if I am OK with a lady Dr Wong. I told the nurse as long as she is a qualify Dr than than no problem with that. Appointment fix on 28th May 9:30.
When I reach around 9:00 the door is not open (lock & Sign closed) waited till 9:15 than only i notice there is another door from behind & someone walk in from there. When I enter from the other door. A reception told me. I was never in the list & only 2 person had appointment for today. I asked her to double check again. She point me her pencil written diary & say again. ONLY 2. I got no choice but to leave. I not dare to ask for another appointment. Now I wonder who was the 1 calling me. She told me she is from Alex LO & stated my appointment time & change my date & time. I think is my fault not take her name IC number & get her watapps her picture to me.
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