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Dental treatment advice
Roy Yiew  · 6 months ago
Dear Dr Wong,
My name is Roy Yiew Chee Yuen and i am your previous customer. If you remember my uncle and Aunty from US are also your customer. 
I now live in Auckland NZ and wld like to seek you advice in dental treatment since my 2 crowns and a bridge was dislodged. 
I cannot remember if it was done in your clinic before. 
Can you give me your email address so that I can send the recent dental exam report and X-rays for your assessment and advice of what options of dental treatment?
I plan to go back to KL end of June 2017 for 2 weeks for dental treatment and I wonder if that's enough. Can you give me quotes on RCT for molar, premolars, and anteriors teeths, crowning, bridging, dentures and refillings?
Hope to hear from you soon.
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