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Ukay Dental Surgery
Yee Wee Ling @ Linda Yee  · 3 years ago
I have been visiting this clinic for the past 30 years since I was 10 years old. Dr. Menjit Singh has been my favorite dentist because he is a very patient and understanding dentist although sometimes very apologetic. He likes to say sorry when he thinks I'm uncomfortable. Actually all my visits doing filling, extracting and scaling were pleasant visits. Not much pain and all done quite fast. This clinic is on 1st floor so it would be difficult for the wheel chair bounded people to go up. The clinic is clean and has good facilities. They even sell tooth brushes, tooth pastes, dental floss and mouth rinse. I love the Systema Spiral tooth brush very much after trying it. It cleans and brushes my teeth very effectively. So if you stay in Ampang or near here, you can drop by for your dental visits. I even recommended my cousin from Singapore to this clinic last year. It has been a great experience here for my family and I.
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