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Lim Dental Surgery (SS15, Subang Jaya)
Samuel Chew Jianjian  · 3 years ago
If you're in Subang Jaya, this clinic is located in the heart of SS15, so parking would be a problem if you don't go there early but you can always park in Subang Square (nearby). Its great for minor teeth problems, but if you're having wisdom tooth and heavier problems, they'll redirect you to their main branch at PJ.

My usual dentist is Dr Loganathan, quite a nice and chillax guy. I went there for filling replacement, just had to call in to book an appointment, and pretty much when I arrived, my slot was in time. I also did the "teeth cleaning" thing as my teeth were yellowish, and it took only about 20-30 minutes in total for the whole procedure.

Satisfied with the results as my teeth are clean and filling doesn't hurt anymore :)
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