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Yap Dental Surgery (Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur)
Lim Choo Leong  · 3 years ago
Do you recommend this clinic ?  YES
Which dentist did you see?  Dr. Yap
What treatment was provided to you by this clinic?  Root Canal
Are you satisfied with the results ?  YES
How are the facilities?  Up to standard

I must confess that this is my 1st visit as an adult to the dentist. The
sheer agony during my childhood days has kept me away from visiting the
dentist for a long long time. Though my tooth was giving me problem for a
few years, I managed to control the pain and eat without much hassle.
Just have to avoid biting and chewing using that sensitive tooth.
Avoiding icy cold drinks and ice cream helps.

But then it comes a time when the pain becomes unbearable and I have no choice but to make
that dreaded trip. I psyched myself up and walked into the clinic cool
as a cucumber. After taking an Xray to identify the problem tooth, Dr
Yap proceeded to inject my gums to numb it. And after that, he began to
work on my tooth. It took 3 visits to sort things out and each time I
step out of the clinic, I told myself "Hey! It wasn't so bad after all".
I must say he did a good job and am pleased with the experience. 

 Lim Choo Leong attached 1 photos.

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