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No.22 , Ground Floor , Jalan Padang Belia , Off Jalan Brickfields , 50470 Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia .
03 2273 1254

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Dental Info:

Doctors in charge:

Dr. Latifah Madon

Treatment Provided* : [ Filling (Composites , GICs , Temporary Fillings) , Scaling & Polishing , Porcelain/Steel/Zirconia Crown&Bridge , Braces ( General cases of orthodontics ) , Dental Implant* ( Implantology ) , Cosmetic/Aesthetic Dentistry, Denture/PartialDenture , Periodontics , Prosthodontics , Orthodontic , Endodontic (Root Canal Treatment " RCT ") , Minor Oral Surgery ( MOS ) , Teeth Whitening , Veneer / veneers , Management of Periodontitis ( Deep Scaling ) , Retainers , Extractions , ( Bruxism ) Mouth guards , Pediatric Dentistry ( Children's Dentistry ) , Routine Check-up , SAF Endodontics Etc ]

*Please call in advance to make sure the treatment is available to avoid disappointment

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Making appointment
Eddie Lim  · 1 years ago
I would like to make an appointment on this Saturday the 30th April at 10am.

Please kindly contact me for confirmation.


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Like to purchase
Philomina Kolandayan  · 6 months ago
Dear Dr Latifah.
Thank you for your consultation.
I would like to buy sensodyne from you.

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Sharifah Ismail  · 8 months ago
Sebelum ini saya mendapatkan rawatan di Klinik Bangi. Dr. di sana telah tersilap pasang braces saya. Satu hari saya berjumpa dengan rakan saya untuk mencari dr. yang pakar tentang pemasangan braces ini dan dia memperkenalkan Klinik Famili ini. Saya dirawat oleh Dr. Latifah sehingga kini.Beliau sangat peramah,ambil berat dan memahami. Rawatan yang terbaik,harga berpatutan,dan saya sangat berpuas hati. Saya juga telah recommend klinik ini pada rakan-rakan saya.
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Klinik Gigi Famili (Brickfields, K.L)
Aida Othman  · 3 years ago
I have been going to this clinic twice a year for more than 10 years. Dr Latifah is a very understanding and compassionate dentist.My treatments ranging from scaling and polishing to crown and bridge, filling, extraction  and root canal. I am very satisfied with the service and it was virtually painless. Highly reccomended
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