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Try-A-Systema Dental Survey

Are you a dentist currently practicing in Malaysia? If yes, good news!

Systema (Malaysia) is conducting a survey about their range of toothbrushes and your feedback will be needed!


Just fill up the form below and we will be sending some samples to your clinic. After using the toothbrushes for some time, we will be requiring you to reply us with your feedback response (do reply out of courtesy)

Systema Malaysia

SYSTEMA is developed by Lion Corporation Japan – a leading oral care company in Japan with over 120 years of oral care experience. Systema is not only the No.1 slim tip toothbrush brand in Malaysia but also the No.1 toothbrush brand in Japan!
Systema 0.02mm bristles tip is 1/20 the size of ordinary bristle tip that is flexible enough to penetrate deeper along hard to reach areas such as gum lines and in between teeth, flicking away plaque without hurting the gums. Also, Systema toothbrush is clinically proven cleans 9 times better than ordinary toothbrushes.


Systema 0.02mm bristles is made from non-animal origin and patented by Lion Corporation Japan. Furthermore, Systema's bristles are very gentle to gums whilst reducing brushing pressure by 66% thus making your brushing experience comfortable and effective.


Systema Toothbrushes - There is one for you!

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